A Luxury Collection Resort & Spa - Opening February 2025

The Island
of White Gold

Salt enhances, balances, and cleanses, gracing every corner of South Caicos as crystal clear ocean waves crash into quiet stretches of pure white sand. Like the mineral itself, the island’s heritage lies at the intersection of land and sea.

Aerial view of ocean

A Crystalline history
of Salt & Sand

Along the island, natural inlets act as pockets, trapping the saltwater in small ponds interspersed throughout South Caicos. Under the gaze of the warm Caribbean sun, the trapped waters evaporate. Left in their wake: sparkling crystals of salt.

For centuries, the naturally occurring mineral was drawn from these salt ponds as an invaluable resource, a commodity to be shared and traded with the rest of the world. Today, the days of the South Caicos salt trade have passed. What remains are the salinas: vibrant expanses of salt wetlands begging to be explored.

The earthly legacy of South Caicos is preserved here—in curated moments inspired by the island’s precious natural resources.


Planning Your Visit

The island holds endless opportunities. It's a unique kind of paradise close to our hearts—a place we are eager to share with travelers from far and wide. Upon your reservation, our dedicated concierge will be your guide, assisting with travel arrangements, pointing you toward the many immersive experiences available to you as our guest, and crafting an itinerary that balances island exploration with tropical serenity.

Island map illustration

Travel by Air

The Turks and Caicos Islands are accessible by direct flights from many U.S. cities to Providenciales. Scenic connecting flights to South Caicos (just 18 minutes away) are available through InterCaribbean Airways or by private charter on Caicos Express Airways, offering an unforgettable aerial of our remote island at the southern end of the Turks and Caicos islands archipelago.  By December 2024, direct international flights from the U.S. to South Caicos will also be available.


Join us along one of the most stunning beaches in the Caicos archipelago. Our resort sits along 3,000 feet of private, pristine white sand—yours to explore, creating ephemeral memories along the way.

map of Salterra property