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Guided Birdwatching


You’ll be guided on a mission to spot the winged wildlife of South Caicos and learn to recognize the sounds and signs of the island’s many endemic and migratory species. Observe year-round residents including vibrant American Flamingos, graceful Tricolored Herons, rare Reddish Egrets, and petite, Black-necked Stilts, and spot seasonal species including warblers, migratory ducks, and shorebirds.  The varied habitats of the salinas, mangrove forests, and tropical dry forests attract more than 100 species of birds to South Caicos.  Whether an experienced birder or a curious beginner, you’ll enjoy our guided birdwatching excursion.  

Things to do in Turks and Caicos - guided birdwatching. Pink flamingos in the water in Salinas

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