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South Caicos is like no other place in the world. At Salterra, we are taking intentional, proactive action to follow through on our commitment to the stewardship of the island’s magnificent natural resources and rich history. We believe that promoting, bolstering, and celebrating the environmental, social, and cultural elements of South Caicos will be vital to the shared success of our resort and community in the years to come. Providing socially and environmentally conscious travelers with opportunities to participate in our sustainability and conservation efforts first-hand is central to our mission.

Group of flamingos flying across the bay in front of resort

Our Commitment

At Salterra, we believe "our product is the place," and the responsible stewardship of South Caicos’ magnificent natural resources and rich history is our highest priority.

As the land and sea share their marvels with us every day, we're committed to paying back this generosity where we can—thanking the island through continued acts of sustainability.  

Resort Initiatives

Coral tree planting in Turks and Caicos. Two people underwater planting coral tree. Coral reef restoration

Restoring Coral Reefs

We believe that an investment in the health of corals is an investment in the sustained future of our community and its incredible natural environment. Coral reefs protect coastlines from erosion and storm damage, and they provide a home for marine species, including spotted eagle rays, sharks, sea turtles, and tropical fish. Guests at Salterra have the unique opportunity to get involved, learn about, and contribute to our coral conservation efforts on South Caicos. 

Premier, Michael, Heidi, Honorable Connolly at coral lab. Establishing The South Caicos Coral Reef Consortium

Establishing The Coral Reef Consortium

Salterra co-founded the South Caicos Coral Reef Consortium in partnership with the School for Field Studies Center for Marine Resource Studies, the Reef Institute, and the Turks and Caicos Reef Fund. The mission of SCCRC is to research, replant, and restore the coral reefs of South Caicos. As environmental conditions change rapidly, we continuously work to improve the adaptability and resilience of our beautiful reefs. 

Suite with filtered water dispenser

Eliminating Single-Use Plastics

As a promise to the beautiful marine wildlife that surrounds us, we strive to curtail our plastic pollution. To preserve and protect the natural beauty of South Caicos, Salterra is fully committed to eliminating our use of single-use plastic materials in guest rooms, empowering our guests to be mindful of their plastic waste and water use; all guest rooms will be equipped with filtered water dispensers, reusable water bottles, and glassware. 

Bananaquit on Euphorbia

Preserving the Unique Native Plants of South Caicos

Our mission at Salterra is to seamlessly integrate our property into the beautiful landscape as it naturally exists. We are committed to establishing a nursery that grows native, salt-tolerant, and drought-resistant plants and trees that are well-adapted to the conditions of the island. These plants and trees conserve our limited fresh water and host the beautiful birds and wildlife of South Caicos. 

Compost in hands

Composting Organic Waste

At Salterra, discarded food waste, plant cuttings, paper, coffee pods, and other materials will be composted in our industrial-grade system and utilized with purpose. Our compost product will be used to increase the water-holding capacity of sandy soils and improve our landscaping, gardens, and plant nursery. 

Aerial of resort with panels on roof

Utilizing Solar Energy

We will meet more than half of all our energy demands at Salterra by utilizing photovoltaics. Taking advantage of the sunny conditions we enjoy on South Caicos for approximately 350 days per year is vital to the sustainability of our resort. Sourcing energy from renewables does not only decrease our carbon footprint—it provides a storm-resilient and reliable form of electricity. 

Community Initiatives

Back of t-shirt that says South Caicos Sea Day

Investing in Youth Educational Opportunities

At Salterra, we believe that youth education is vital to building a better future for South Caicos. Our goal is to help shift the collective consciousness of the community towards more sustainable endeavors that will protect precious natural resources and promote the prosperity of South Caicos. Children are the future—the sooner we educate them about the natural wonders that abound, the sooner South Caicos will flourish.

Reddish Egret in the water

Partnering with The School for Field Studies

We are collaborating with the School for Field Studies Center for Marine Resource Studies to support community education outreach programs, such as their bi-annual Sea Day. As one of our partners in the South Caicos Coral Reef Consortium, the school shares our mission to identify actionable findings that keep the island’s beautiful coral reef formations thriving.

Closeup of Bibo and Lincoln on boat. Bonefishing

Engaging the Community with Ocean Conservation

Bonefish are a unique species of schooling fish found on flats in the subtropical and tropical regions of the world. Educating local stakeholders on the immense economic benefit of protecting these populations instead of harvesting them for consumption and low monetary returns is integral to bolstering the ecological and economic health of the South Caicos community. At Salterra, we train and hire local fishermen as bonefish charter guides and captains—this builds awareness in the community and protects vulnerable species from overfishing. 

Restoring Community Spaces - ruins

Restoring Community Spaces

The quiet, easygoing pace of island life on South Caicos is infused with a fascinating, unique history. For example, in the late 17th century, South Caicos became a major hub for salt production, attracting Bermudians, buccaneers, and many European powers. Additionally, in 1966, Queen Elizabeth II made a historic visit to South Caicos. At Salterra, we want to celebrate all that makes South Caicos the beautiful community it is today. Restoring and revitalising the numerous historic structures and spaces is vital for the community to remember and celebrate its identity.